Tuesday, April 30, 2013

i can't win

tell me, what did i do to make you hate me so much?
why're you angry all the time?
why do you wanna run from me?
we used to make love
when you called, i would follow
now the only thing you love is a bottle
the only thing you've got left is a shadow

don't let this shit come between us
i'm wrong, you're right
it's okay with my heart
but it's not how it's supposed to be
you always say, "i'm done, we're finished"
fuck it: i'm wrong, you're right
please, God, help us
i guess i'm gonna leave it up to you tonight

[he] ain't bluffin'
[he's] gonna do it
i think it's time for me to face to the music
i could really give a damn about my pride
but the way you're acting is stupid
you're going back and forth with the lies, never compromise

if you love me better, prove it
i can't win
i can't win for losing

it don't even matter if you scream and yell
you don't love me
you don't love yourself

but it don't matter if you're raising hell: i miss you
i wanna kiss you
i can't remember who you are
remember when your heart used to say, "love me, baby"?
love me, baby

i'm not trying to waste our love
i'm just trying to save what's left of it
one day
one day, my love
you're gonna realize that you fucked up
and when that day comes, my love
i'm gonna be the same one, still loving [you]
how're you gonna cancel me out?

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